2-Bedroom Beachfront Accommodation with Large Heated Pool (Gold Coast)

Escape from City Life: Book a Holiday in a 2-Bedroom Beachfront Accommodation (Gold Coast)

Life gets busy.

You go to work, take care of the children, run errands, pay the bills, and stay on top of all other responsibilities and commitments.

In the frenzy of activity and the struggle to remember everything you need to do, it can be difficult to imagine yourself taking some time off from this daily routine to unwind.

After all, what will happen if you skip a day, if you switch off your phone and no one can reach you? You feel like everything would fall apart and you would need to do double the work just to catch up to what you missed.

However, as busy as your days may be, it’s still important to find the time to rest and relax — to get yourself and your spouse out of the house and take a break from it all. This would be an excellent opportunity to explore a new place, engage in activities that you enjoy, and focus on just each other instead of the million things you usually juggle.

So plan your trip well — making arrangements for other people to pick up some of your tasks, watch your kids, and take care of other concerns will ensure that your brief escape won’t wreak havoc on your routine. And find the perfect place for you and your partner — like a 1- or 2-bedroom beachfront accommodation (Gold Coast). 

Why head off to the Gold Coast?

The Southern Gold Coast is an excellent holiday destination because there’s always plenty to see — art or music festivals, sporting events, and of course, all kinds of beach activities. Choose Tugun and you’ll find a wide range of nearby attractions and establishments to suit different tastes: theme parks, casinos and nightclubs, or rainforests and wildlife sanctuaries. In addition, this location is easily accessible from Brisbane’s domestic and international airport terminals.

Why choose a beachfront apartment?

The beach is a whole universe away from the urban landscape you live and move around in. Nothing puts your mind, body and spirit and recreational mode than the sight of expansive blue skies, the sound of crashing ocean waves, and the feel of sand under your feet.

Staying in a beachfront accommodation means that you’ll be constantly surrounded by the ideal environment for rest and relaxation. You’re always just steps away from a dip in the ocean or a leisurely afternoon of sunbathing. You and your spouse can spend the entire holiday drinking in the beautiful coastal views, savouring the warmth of the sun and the cool sea breeze, and letting the sound of the waters lull you to sleep at night. Without the distractions and trappings of busy city life, your beach getaway is the perfect time to rekindle the spark in your relationship and rediscover your passions and interests, and collect new shared experiences.

What’s more, a self-contained apartment gives couples the privacy that a crowded hotel cannot provide. With your own living/dining area, kitchen, and private balcony, you can enjoy each other’s company with the utmost comfort and convenience. No doubt you and your partner will come home from the holiday refreshed, relaxed, and closer than ever.