Self Contained Apartments when Competing at the Kirra Criterium Cycling Classic

Why Stay in Secure Self-Contained Apartments – Tugun

Are you heading to the Southern Gold Cost in October to catch the Kirra Criterium Classic? That’s an excellent idea for a trip. You get to witness the much-awaited speed cycling event that will have the streets of Kirra pulsing with excitement, and you also get to have the chance to enjoy what the gorgeous Queensland coast has to offer.

For more freedom and better control of your holiday, consider staying in one of the secure self-contained apartments Tugun has lining its beaches. They make ideal accommodations for families and couples looking to have a beachfront holiday.

What are some of the factors to consider when choosing among secure self-contained apartments? Tugun has so much to offer, so it would be a good idea to be situated strategically. Find a place that’s just walking distance to the cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, parks, etc.

Since you’ll be on holiday, it would be ideal to have access to the usual hotel amenities like a heated pool and spa, gym, landscaped gardens, and secure parking even if you’re not having the typical hotel stay. A self-contained apartment in a private resort lets you have all these, along with patrolled beaches and tour booking services.

If you want the conveniences of staying in a hotel, why not just stay in one? The advantages of choosing a self-contained apartment are mainly privacy and economy. You don’t have to share your temporary living space with strangers. Being in a hotel room, you’ll be subjected to the comings, goings and noises of the other guests.

If you’re looking to save some money, staying in an apartment that has a kitchen will allow you to cook your own meals and not rely on eating out or ordering in. You may also do your laundry if you’re so inclined. There’s no need to pay the hotel for the service.

They are also more convenient in that they can better accommodate a big group. This is usually a vacation conundrum for families of five. Hotels would typically limit their guests to just two children per room. What if you had more? Are you supposed to book another room? Most would make you pay for the extra children even if they won’t be requiring another bed.

Obviously, self-contained apartments are often the smarter choice for couples and families. They’ll also allow you to entertain better in case you want to have some people over.

This October, you can book a self-contained apartment for your stay in this iconic Gold Coast location and enjoy the thrill of being amongst the spectators witnessing and experiencing the races.